Coronavirus and COVID19

COVID 19 continues to impact on all aspects of all our lives. We want to reassure you that supporting our clients, their families and carers remains our priority during this difficult time.

In order for us to maintain the health and well-being of our clients, all our case managers are adapting to ways of working; we are able to provide support remotely during this time.

We will still accept referrals and will set up remote video meet and greets in order that clients can continue to select the right case manager for them.

We can also carry out remote INA and we will offer various remote ways of ensuring that we collect all of the relevant information.

We are continuing to carry out MDT meetings with client teams and where appropriate with clients and their support workers.

We continue to support the care teams via zoom team meetings and provide supervisions.

As case managers we are used to problem solving and this situation has certainly tested this skill to the limit.

We also understand being in lock down has an impact on our client’s mental health and well-being. We encourage clients to maintain routines, but filling hours with activity that remains purposeful is a challenge for many of our clients with the additional challenge of limitations on activities outside of the home.

We have had to be innovative in working with the support teams and families to suggest alternatives.

We have where possible encouraged clients to involve themselves in social media activities with the support of their teams and families, for example their own 2.6 challenges adapted to enable the client’s needs.

Joining in with various online fitness sessions with the care team, we are after all in the same boat.

We have encouraged clients to keep diaries of this time as this will one day be history and what a story, they may have to tell future generations, even though it may not seem a positive at this time.

We also have to ensure that we advise and support our clients, their teams and families to keep themselves safe by providing regular updates on government advice.

Best wishes and keep safe

The team at JE Jackson Ltd

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